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    Help playing solo

    Had a quick question.. if any1 could help mee.. I want to learn to play solos now.. but theres one issue that creeps up... Do I look at the strings or the fretboard.. like I have diffuclty playing the correct string...when not looking....

    secondlyy... I use a pick to play solos... should be used my fingers. ???? I cant get an audible sound when playing with ma fingers.. :( .. i guess thats all i have to ask

    please reply

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    Apr 2005
    I would say don't look at both of them. U shud be looking at ur music while u r playing. Using a pick doesn't make ny difference. But i prefer fingers cuz fingers r easier for strumming(for me.) But pick is essential after some time.
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    @moadhia, learn the tabs of the solo perfectly. You can look at the fretboard if you want to but DO NOT look at the strings, train your picking hand(right hand) such that it automatically picks the string that your left hand is fretting. Just requires a solid amount of practice. And also use a pick and learn alternate picking to get the best results.
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    Whatever he is said is right cuz i'm inexperienced. and, i know that. But those i said was taught to me by my instructor.
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    whoa ...

    guess i came here by mistake ... seems like ppl here into more of acoustix than electix ...

    but a quick rejoinder may suffice: how long have u been playing guitar? i mean what does this mean: "i want to learn to play solos NOW" ... whoever stopped u from playing solos at earlier stage???

    ppl usually use fingers for mellow tone ... pickup for sharp attack and speed (altho Mark Knopfler and Spanish guitarist use finger picking and they are darn fast ...)

    and hey u cant get audible sound while finger picking? ... ya need to take some kryptonite and some steroids to get that strength in fingers ... hahahaaaa ...

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    First learn to play some simple Major and Minor scale in two or three positions. That's will help you getting started to play solos. Dont jump into solos in the first place when you are not even comfortable with picking the right string. Learn a few chrods, learn a few scales, practice few exercise licks and then go for learning any solo. Have patience. Guitar learning takes time.
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