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    Exclamation Help needed while changing chords during strumming !!!


    I am a newbie and I am able to play some chord alone and can easily shift between them. But when I am changing chord during strumming everything goes haywire. So can all the ppl out here can suggest me some excersises or some tips to make a smooth transition of chords while strumming.

    Thanks in advance.

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    this happens in the beginnig..ul get it after practice..i suggest u pick up a chord progression..strum the chords slowly and go on changing....pick up the tempo once u fell u r comfortable with the will need practice and take time..u can try this C Am F G..i prefered it as beginner....
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    Thanks abhi

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    wel apart 4m wht d guy said above,wht u cn do is, try differnt kinds of strumming pattern & try 2 shift chords along wid dat.start vry slowly at first. to b vry gud at chords try various strectching dis exersises b4 u start playing. till nxt time its me sayin chaio.

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    here - try this thing im gonna tell far as i kno - theres just two ways around it....
    1. sit on your bum - b4 sleeping - for 3 hours - on the pot - while continously eating bananas and drinking rum at the same time - after you are finished - try farting - then do a hedstand while screaming "I am an a-hole SOB who wears Pink Pantihose" and simuntaneously eating a placebo. Then grab for that condom nearby - **** ur neighbours goat - sue him - earn money - drink a litre of milk - WITH MILAI - very important - now slowly sit down on a chair - ivory only - and slowly flex your fingers while trying to look at all your fingers simuntaneously. do for 5 mins - say goodnite to everyone and fallof asleeep....P.s>>> if a hangover is achieved the next day - try cornflakes.
    2. now - that was the easier method...the harder method is....PRACTICE!

    so CHEERS banana dude -whereever u are - u are being missed - and so is
    no offence i hope...
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