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    milesfastguy is offline Beginner
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    May 2007

    help needed in strumming sound

    HI IGTians!!. plz guys help me out with this issue. plz read on carefully.

    i hav a Givson G215 acoustic. now it plays really good. but there is a spot of bother. when i strum it, it produces a great sound. but the thing is i want a slightly different sound of strumming- a little subdued sound. i get this sound when i strum the strings by my thumb(the part of the thumb beside the nail). now is there any pick that can produce this sound? recently i cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of a pick and by BINGO it produced the same sound that i want. but u know the cardboard is not strong and will eventually wear off after considerable strumming. plz tell me about some picks(composition wise) that can produce this subdued sound. also, i cant stick to the thumb technique coz i'm not a fingerstyle player.

    if u r still not sure of the sound im talkin off here's a reference- a few weeks back there was an add of a motorcycle(don know which brand) that had the song pehla nasha pehla khumar in the background. the guitar strum sound in that is wat im talkin about.

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    Mar 2005
    i think you should use a thick pick for this purpose.
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    fishtank's Avatar
    fishtank is offline Guitarist
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    Dec 2005
    take an ordinary plectrum coat it with a rubber base adhesive (bonfix,denride..) then try it out i hope this would work
    try varying thickness of the coat to see the difference

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    Mar 2007
    well u can use ur thumb to strum, it will hurt for a few days but u will get used to it.
    u shud try a rubber coated pick, they r avalible in the market
    or try ur hand at the softest and most flexible pick , u can get ur hands on.

    or just continue with ur cardboard picks. u can always make a new one when it wears off

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    Nov 2005
    Land of the Clouds a.k.a Meghalaya
    thin picks r preferred for strummin but thick picks will give u the duller sound - try both

    n please use good quality picks like fender, dunlop etc
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