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    blitzboy227 is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2014

    Help me pick a guitar from my selected list

    HI all, i'm about to start guitarin'.. But i need a guitar first :(

    but i need help from the myriad list of guitars out there, From your knowledge in this field, recommend me the best one by looking at the price-value ratio at the beginners perspective..

    I created a list of the best possible deals out there for me..

    Yamaha F310 (Guitar only) - Rs9000/150$ Online&Physical Store
    Yamaha F310 with cherub gt3 preamp fitted USED - Rs5750/91$ Online
    Fender FA-100 Used - Rs5000/80$ Online
    Fender FA-100 New - Rs8000/127$ Online&Physical Store
    Ashton D25 (Full package-gig etc) - Rs9000/150$ Online
    Ashton D20 (Full Package-gig etc) - Rs8000/127$ Online
    Yamaha C40 -Rs7000/111$ Online
    Cort AD810 USED - Rs6000/95$ Online
    Washburn Oscar Schmidt Spruce OG3NL -Rs9000/150$ Online

    Additional questions..

    Should i avoid buying USED guitars as a whole?? is it worth it, as i dont know how to check them..

    I heard that buying guitars from physical stores are much better because THEY will tune the truss rod adjustment and saddle-fine tuning (whatever that means :P), is it so...??

    Is the gig bag or whole package thing necessary??
    Also the only friend i can ask for help in this area, is out of town, so i cant take him with me to buy the used one..

    Im all alone in this one, and i cant afford to make a bad purchase which can ruin my learning experience.


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    A for apple is offline Beginner
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    Nov 2010
    i am planing to to buy a new guitar too , as far i know yamaha f310 would be a good choice for you ,apart from that just wait for others to reply..
    well if you buy a gig bag at first then you need not to buy anything later(but it is not necessary) ..

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    Snowman19 is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2014
    Yamaha is best for starters and have a really good reputation for producing inexpensive guitars suitable for beginners. I'm not good at remembering numbers but there are a couple of steel string acoustic Yamahas within your price range that have solid, rather than laminated, tops
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