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    Help me with my strumming i can switch chords

    Hey guys.. plz help me with my strumming i can switch chords easily...
    but i have problem in strumming i.e i dont know strumming patterns.. can u plz give me some strrumming patterns with the name of the song with it..plzzzz
    dont give chords just strumming pattern

    Tnx in advance
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    india /bangalore
    here are few strumming patterns which would help u
    D= Down Strum
    U=Up Strum
    / = wait

    DDUUD --papa kehate hai

    DUDU---any old song can be played using this pattern

    DDD/UDD/UD & DDD/UDUDD as in Roobaroo

    D/DUDU as in Nothing else


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    gupi6934 is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2009
    Thank you very much.
    Can I get the chords for 'Luka Chhupi' of 'Rang De Basanti?

    Thanking you in advance.

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    May 2009
    it uses E, Asus2, B5, C#maj9, A, B chords..
    search igt, u ll get it
    lemme give u d strumming pattern
    D/DU/D/DU/D and it goes on...
    E in first 4 strums, and Asus2 in rest
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