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    suman_uav is offline Tabber
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    Sep 2008

    Question help me to learn stuff

    plzzzzz help me to learn stuff notations .....
    I love to play guitar..

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    angel_of_sin's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    New Delhi
    u mean staff notations????


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    suman_uav is offline Tabber
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    Sep 2008
    Oh sry bro...ya i tell that staff.....which is in .pdf file.....spelling mistake..
    I love to play guitar..

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    Well I think its pretty difficult to explain staff notations through forums.. I would recommend a book that I am using. It is called "Technique for modern guitar" its by Mel Bay. It comes in a series of gradrs 1 to 8. If you are absolutely new to staff notations, which I think you are, You should go for grade 1. If you already know a few scales and chords, I think u'll go through it pretty quickly. Staff notations really clear ur timing concepts.



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