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    Question Help on Chords N Practicing

    My question to the great seniors here. Well firstly, Im new here and a new player too, I just bought a guitar and got it tuned, now I just want to know how do I start playing it, I mean is there certain things i need to learn about it.. As In i was exploring and I saw there are various songs posted and it just goes like ----> D7 And 0 and X, C and so on.. is these a series of tabs tht i need to learn or they represent sounds.. Can you please help and explain me in detail so tht I can learn them and practice.. Thanks..

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    hi welcome to IGT!!...
    do a search in this forum..i am sure you'll find everything you need..

    P.S: i am feeling a bit lazy can anyone pop in some links for dj factor plz?

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    Please search this forum. You'll find a lot of threads, which will help you with ur doubts. Welcome to IGT.
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