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    Oct 2012

    Help choose a guitar for me,really CONFUSED!!!

    Hi I am confused about what guitar to buy,I am shelling out 20,000Rs for this guitar and I dont want to take any chances as its a big amount for me.I have narrowed down on four guitars.I am a metal guitarist and want the guitar to be good for shredding and sweeping and of course having a dark,mellow tone.I also want to use the guitar for live playing,no backup.
    Ok,now the guitars:-
    1.Esp F100.
    2.Esp Ax50.
    3.Ibanez Rg351 Dx
    4.Ibanez 471 Ah.
    I am really confused because:-
    **I am not sure whether esp is a better brand than Ibanez and the servicing available in India.
    1.Esp f100,Ax50 has tune-o-matic bridge,a nice body but two pickups.
    2.Ibanez has three pickups but no tune-o-matic and typical ibanez body.Also if the above Ibanez models are available in India.
    Please Help me out guys!!!

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Ibanez all the way in my opinion...

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    Oct 2012
    i called up some guitar shops in kolkatta and delhi and the ibanez models mentioned above are not available in India.What other brands can I consider in India?Range 20k,Fixed bridge and metal tone.????

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Ibanez RG series is good in general. RG321MH would have been a good choice but it's discontinued now. See what fits your bill.

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    Oct 2012
    i m going with esp f100.

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    It wouldn't have been my choice... Anyways Good Luck !

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    Jul 2011
    Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir
    Quote Originally Posted by Surya_MetalHead View Post
    i m going with esp f100.
    I would have gone with the Cort KX custom
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    Amplifier:- Laney LX12
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