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    Help buying an electric guitar

    I'm a noob when it comes to electric guitars but I've been playing acoustic for close to 8 months now so I thought I'll invest in an electric. I'm on a super tight budget I want to keep the guitar and an amp for less than 14 or 15k. I have a few options:
    1. Washburn X10
    2. ESP Viper 10
    3. Greg Bennett MB1
    4. Fender Squire California

    Are any of these good? I'm clueless and if I get better using one of these I might buy a better one maybe next year. The amps I'm looking at are a Marshall MG10CD or a Laney LX12 and I was looking at Kustom Sound or Stranger amps but I haven't heard good things about them. If anyone could help me out between these four it would be great. Oh and I'm into rock, metal and blues which I'll be playing once in a while. Thanks!

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    for rock and metal playing take the washburn x10 or esp viper10
    if u want to play blues then mb1 and squier california is better
    i suggest u take the laney lx12 it is a good amp with in built distortion but works good only when distortion is at 8-10
    hope this helps
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