I have been playing guitar since 2 months now i now basics plus notes on frets ,all basic cords ,power chords on E,A strings and i know 3 scales Blues Scales,E phrygian(don't know what that means!) scale,and a major scale..i can't practice because i don't know what to do next ..every time i pick up my guitar i go to back in past where you started your first playing guitar and learned a melody...and i know what barre chords are i can't play any them except F Major....

pls help by answering this three questions

1. What to do next.

2.How to practice !? like how to devote your time in best possible manner(i only have 2 hours a day for guitar.)

3.Now that i am not playing frequently i am forgetting past things!! help with also!

i have a yamaha F310 guitar btw-

answer these and aliens will take you to kepler62f! :D(jus kidding)

thanks in advance!!