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    I am hopelessly confused......havent really read up scales yet... :o ...
    hmmmm....long way to go
    newaz...great guide dimebag.....

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    hey dimebag....thanks for aaallll that explanation. but i already know all tht!! i know that there are modes u can create using the harmonic n melodic minor scales. imagine, 7 modes each for them too!!! u get stuff like super locrian, mixo b6, lydian #5, n stuff ladat.........

    i howver fail to understand how theyre used in improvising...!

    Let me be more specific: Ive read many places that modes are used to improvise with. now how does one do tht?

    if i take G mixolydian for eg, i can compose a song, using all the chords of the scale. but that is, if i take the g mixo as a separate scale. it is, afetr all, a new scale, which has nothing to do the major scale. of course, it containsd the same notes as c major does.... butthats it. after its derived, its a whole new scale, with its unique interval structure....

    BUT WHATS EATING ME is how the hell it is used in improvsing?
    suppose im playing a song in d major, n if i wanna start playing a solo or anythig ladat, where do modes come in?

    there, back to square one.....
    im not asking nethinf bt modes after this.....its exasperatin ....

    but am gonaa find out one day@!!!!!11

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    it is simply another major scale

    theoretically it is possible to use ONE fretboard "pattern" which covers all modes & in this case all major scales

    application IMO is "use your ears" or know the chord you are playing over

    take this -


    ionian same fret
    dorian 2 frets down
    phrygian 4 frets down
    lydian 7 frets up
    mixolydian 5 frets up
    aeolian 3 frets up
    locrian 1 fret up

    so taking this ( "X" aeolian) pattern


    that pattern becomes whichever "mode" depending on the chord played

    or it can be moved to become "X" mode as above

    note how thatpattern contains the pent minorionian = maj, maj7, maj9, maj13
    dorian = min, min7, min9, min11, min13
    phrygian = min, sus4b9, dom7#9, dom7b9
    lydian = maj7, maj7#11, maj9#11
    mixolydian = dom7, dom 9, dom13
    aeolian = min, min7
    locrian = min7b5

    to improv over a "A maj7#11" chord - from the above you need to uase "lydian"

    so you need to play "A lydian"

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    kaiser is offline Bored
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    Nov 2003
    now.....I AM thoroughly confused!!!

    anyways, forget it.....n thanks anyway dimebag.


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