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    Exclamation Guitar string making wierd noise

    Hi. I bought a guitar some two months ago now the problem with the guitar is tht its second number string i.e. the second thinnest string makes some kind of sound when i play it open....I mean it touches something dont kno wht....So I reuest to plz help me is there any solution to this or its a manufacturing defect and cant get fixd or it thr any adjustment whc can be made in ordeer to rectify this fault....Plz help me!!!! Thnk Yu!!!!

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    I have an acoustic Givson model. i plan to buy an electric guitar. my budget is around 14k including the amp. which would be the best guitar and amp in that range?? know any good guitar shops in kolkata??

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    the person above is a complete noob!

    anyways abt your prob..........raise the bridge height........that is loosen the screws of your bridge slightly,........

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    do what sukrut said first...if that doesn't help...get ur guitar truss rod adjusted, i.e get the action high......don't try to do it urself u'll break the neck

    btw which guitar u have ??
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    the truss rod dosen't adjust the action,the bridge does that,

    @meditate guitar
    check out

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    ya...i wrote i.e instead of or....
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