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    Question Guitar Pro Question

    On the computer, music, program: "Guitar Pro", can the program record the notes, tabs, chords, etc. of any song with a guitar (both lead and bass) and display it on screen exactly as the musician recorded it? (So that you yourself can see it and play it EXACTLY the way it is in the song?) And I'm not talking about the song being in MIDI format. Can it do all of the above from... say from an MP3 format or AUDIO (or any other common music formats)? I don't have the program, but I might get it if this fact is correct, so I'de appreciate it if someone who knows Guitar Pro to, atleast, an average extent, inform me of this question. Thank you.

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    Are you talking about chord recognition? the answer is "no".....

    One software can do that...
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    I think no software in the world can do that correctly.
    If you are really interested in guitar learning then stop looking for such programmes and start practicing.One day you will realise this if not today.
    Go to a good teacher.If you can't do that then get notes (TABs and chords) from friends and just start practicing.



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