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    Ok let me make few things clear.
    (1) I dont use a pleck because I dont feel very comfortable with them, its not that I can t use them. I do use them to generate volume while playing however.
    (2) I wont even go to the extend of saying you should use a pleck for this and dont use it for that. Its just my prefrence, for not using a pleck most of the time and I also admit I might be horibbly wrong with my prefrence.
    (3) Many bassist use plecks and they play GREAT music. Now what you realy need to do is learn to play using both technincs. You do need to know how to use both plecks and fingers.

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    Initially i used to play with fingers ...i also used finger and thumb for strrumming....but with the passage of time i realized you must also be able to use plecks as there are some guitar techniques that u can't learn untill u use plecks for instance shredding in electrical guitar.....same if u want to play true classical u can't do it nicely witout using ur fingers so...try and learn harm

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    I prefer playing with fingers.....since my inclination is towards classical style only.....but I've experienced that plecs are better for live performances when the sound system is not that great.
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