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    Unhappy Guitar pick head gets stuck at the strings on this out...mostly i play acoustic with pick. acoustic with fingerstyle is so tough for me ...neways..when i go fast...the pick head gets stuck at the strings. i mean it is not smooth. i hold the pick so that only the 2-3 mm of tip is visible outside and not exactly at the right angles to the string but a bit tilted. gimme some tips. bloody upto 8th note am fine. but come 16th and i fall like a card castle. it all goes good with metronome but mix of 8ths and 16ths and am doomed. help me pleaseeeeeeeeee....

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    get a better pick ... get jim dunlop stubby ... it is very smooth ... or try a nylon bendy one .. its wont hinder cuz its BENDDYYY!! ... heheh ... so yeah ..try changing pick ... and yeah when you play keep your pick at an angle to the strings...that ensures ..a smooth quick release ...
    by the way ..try calling picks ... plectrums ... that sounds better



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