Hello guys,

After playing for about 2 years...and downloading and playing the readymade tabs , i feel i need to move on to become serious about guitar and music.So I am in search of a veteran guitar player who could guide me (in other words take my classes).I dont intend to be a professional, but i wish to take my hobby seriously.
I want to know from all you gurus what things to keep in mind while looking for a guitar tutor..should i ask him his teaching methodollogy:how he approches his students etc etc..?? I dont feel many tutors around are teaching keeping in mind the student..so its kinda making me weary on joining classes..i had joined 2 such classes in my early days and left both within 2 months- one was too fast the other too slow..and when i tried to tell them to adjust the speed to my needs they got their ego hurt and got annoyed with me.So i fear that if i join a class again the new teacher would also be like the first ones..i hope i am not sounding like a paranoid! But,yeah, i do need help! So please suggest...