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    Oct 2007

    Got an accoustic guitar would like to buy a new Yamaha guitar

    I am a learner on the accoustic guitar and would like to buy a new guitar of slightly better quality.

    I found a Yamaha (from Indonesia ) in a store which sounded quite nice.The salesman indicated a price of Rs 10,000/-. Is this price reasonable? Pl advise a sto how much I should pay.

    P A Sharma

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    Mar 2007
    well, yamaha guitars are undoubtedly very gud, but price depends on the model, yamaha guitars come anywhere from,rs5000 to rs.500000.

    u shud indicate the model,
    well anyway, how much time sice u started learning

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    Oct 2004
    Right here..
    The best deal get a Yamaha F310 for not more than 5000 max i bought it for 4700 from Delhi same indonesian one..its a great guitar to learn

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    Jul 2004
    make sure its not a yemaha
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