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    Got a 1000 bucks.... suggest a good acoustic

    Hi guys !!! I have been playing guitar from last 8 months now....and I am getting better (makes me feel good!). I still remember when I was trying to play the F chord and just could'nt do it ! But now I have realized that with PRACTICE, everything is possible :D ...

    I got 1000 bucks to spend on a brand new acoustic guitar. I live in the states and its pretty easy to go check one out at Guitar center or some other local guitar store...

    Here is what I have checked so far (acoustic-electrics, dreadnauts)

    Martin DCX1 RE (or E or KE) - 650 $
    Martin DC-1 E - 1200 $ (ummm... a lil over :P)
    Breedlove AD25SM Plus (beautiful guitar!) - 999 $
    Taylor 210-E - 930 $
    Takamine EG334-SC - 630 $

    Any other suggestions ? Please... share your views if you own one of these or in similar price range ...

    Thanks...waiting for your response
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    I trust Martin, and Taylor.. rest i dont know much abt. I think Taylor is the choice... Wait 4 more reviews though. Peace

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    I personally think Taylor and Martin are way overpriced for the money and command a premium for the name much like Gibson and Fender electrics.
    Breedlove is an excellent small manufacturer....also Larrivee. They make excellent acoustics in the $1000 range. Look around on'll get very good deals on them...I have a friend who bought a koa Larrivee for $800.



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