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    Nov 2005

    Red face get on some real stuff

    hey dudes cud ya get on some real guitar tunes ,i mean those played by the professionals in song backgrounds never figured how they do it. u know those with a sort of spanish ascent . particularly those in which the pitch lowers with a sound like tig-tig-tig-tig.....
    not spanish guitar ammmm.... like the one in ya ali

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    Nov 2005


    and one more thing how do i get rid of this newbie thing under my name

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    Jul 2004
    for changin the newbie title go to ushop
    and buy a custom title

    And i didnt really get your first question
    Are you talking abt spanish guitar
    "A signal chain is only as good as the weakest link."

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    Dec 2005
    A newbie will have "newbie" as the title, what else
    or you want it to be "n00b"

    Visit this:

    And sicne you have less points that required, lemme lend (500) it to you on 25%pa (compounded quarterly) interest.
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