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    Talking Flamenco Help for me Please?

    I want to learn how to play flamenco guitar and so far nobody around my area can help me much, I understand choros which are from brazil, but flamenco guitar is awesome.............
    If anyone can map out the strumming patterns I would be greatly happy.
    And I'm also new to this forum, so if I like it, I may post some stuff as well such as music theory, counterpoint and harmony, secondary functions inversions and all of the good stuff that is hidden deep in a music building. Peace

    The fundamental compáses are:
    1. Soleá (12-beat)
    2. Bulería (12-beat)
    3. Siguiriya (12-beat)
    4. Alegría (12-beat)
    5. Tientos (4-beat)
    6. Tangos (4-beat)
    7. Guajíra (12-beat)
    8. Petenera (12-beat)
    9. Fandango (3-beat)

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    Hi! i'm also a newbie, and honestly i don't know anything more than standard 4/4 alternate picking they teach in the first few lessons...
    This flamenco style sounds like something new - can u name some good flamenco songs so that people who haven't heard it before can get initiated?

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    Try any books by Paco Pena. They are great.
    Johnny F
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    hey bro.. flamenco is simple but requires a steady practice everyday for at least an hour. Forget about compass etc.. first learn the rasgeodo technique till you develop strength in your fingers..may take 4 months.. then it slowly unfolds lots of flamenco secrets… all the best



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