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    Post Finger Picking ...

    Hello IGTians...

    I am learning guitar from a long time.... but i couldnt set up my fingers for finger picking .. i love finger picking but still the sound is all dull when i play without the crappy Pick...

    Can any one please help me to play with fingers....

    And can you please clear out that .. do we have to use Finger or Nails ??? to do fingerpicking ??

    Thnx a lot for the support and i will be glad to get my doubts clear out ...
    ThE FuNnIEsT ThINg AbOut tHIs pARtiCuLAr sIGnAtuRE iS ThAt bY tHe tIMe yOU rEaLIZe iT DoEsN'T sAy anYTHiNG AND iT'S tO laTE tO sTOp rEaDINg

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    If you use your fingers (flesh) the sound will be round and dull.
    If you use your fingernails, the sound will be sharp and bright.

    Your choice - because I have seen ppl using BOTH, according to the sound they wish to make.
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