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    Arrow finger muting and palm muting

    hello all,
    this thread is mainly concerned with the definition and difference of finger muting and palm muting.
    its a simple concept and may sound exactly the same to you all , but, it isnt.

    finger muting is when you touch your finger on the string but not pressing it to touch the fretboard and playing.
    whereas palm muting is resting your palm holding the pick on the strings and then playing the tune or riff or chords in the normal way.
    both gives a similar but different sound.

    muting comes very handy while playing guitar to give your songs riffs and tunes a good effect.there are some chords which can be played properly only using muting like Cm/F, C#/Db11, D/C#, D/F# to name a few.
    muting comes very handy and gives a nice shaping effect in playing solos too.for example take pink floyd - another brick in the wall - 2 solo part:


    consider collective soul - shine <verse>


    so, wen u create some good solos for a song consider muting too.

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    The technique, you showed in the first and second picture, where you are muting the 2 and 3 string and then play on the first string is called Raking. You sweep and make a percussive sound before you actually play the note. A poorly done sweep picking may also sound like a rake.

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    thanks pop princess.. that ll probably help.. cheers.



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