......play the meaning of th notes ~pablo casals

every pair o notes creates a distinct feel tht u can exploit to create a different feel e.g. 1-5 [ thats note C & F if u take C maj scale] always sounds "good" ... try out each interval by playing e.g. C-C, C-C#, C-D, C-Eb etc etc & try to notice the emotion or "feel" it produces.... njoy!

Sound quality of intervals

1-1 open consonance unison
1-2 sharp dissonance minor second
1-3 mild dissonance major second
1-4 soft consonance minor third
1-5 soft consonance major third
1-6 consonance/dissonance perfect fourth
1-7 neutral/restless augmented fourth/ diminished fifth
1-8 open consonance perfect fifth
1-9 soft consonance augmented fifth/ minor sixth
1-10 soft consonance major sixth/diminished seventh
1-11 mild dissonance minor seventh
1-12 sharp dissonance major seventh
1-13 open consonance octave