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    Question distortion pedal price??

    guys im planning to buy a distortion pedal for stage shows. cant afford much. what is the starting range of distortion pedals and what company?

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    They start at around Rs.1800 (Stuff like Cherub and Beta Aivin - not so great stuff).
    Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000 (Boss and Digitech)
    Rs. 5500 to Rs. 12000 (AMT, Tech 21 etc)

    I have a Digitech Grunge (Rs.3000). It's a good pedal for relatively high gain stuff.
    Also look into AMT's Du Hast, Metallizer, Fatal Tube Distortion (all around Rs.6000)
    For lower gain stuff look at Boss DS-2, Boss Blues Driver, Digitech Hot Head etc. (all between 3000 and 4000)

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    Get something like AMT British or Fatal Tube which can make your guitar sound a variety from AC/DC to Metallica
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