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    Question considering buying an electric guitar

    Hello. I think I'm crazy but I'm considering buying an electric guitar. The thing is I have never played one, nor held one - and I have no idea where to start. I really would love to learn how to play classical and heavy metal music (think ozzy, metallica, ac/dc) but I don't have anyone who knows anything about guitars.

    Should I just let that dream fade away with all the others or is there any hope or a chance for me to become a guitar player? Also could someone help me decide on what I need? They have a guitar on for 140 dollars. How much and what kind of amp would I need?



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    1st of all WECOME to IGT. Its ur gud luck that u've anaged to find this site in beginning of guitar learning. U know I started guitar 5 months ago, but Didn't learnt ne thing, But as I found this site, I learnt many things form here. And U r saying that u'r going to but an electric guitar, But I think that u must buy an Acoustic(Hollow Body) guitar and start to learn by that... Just keep visiting this site and I'm sure u'll learn faster then arranging ne teacher. Coz lots of Guitarist are members of this site and they will answer ur every question.

    Best of lunk in ur future
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    There is nothing wrong in starting out on an electric guitar. Infact I think the action is low which makes the learning process less painful. Dont buy walmart stuff. If your budget is low Kramer focus VT-111S should not be a bad choice (for beginner and intermediate level). It sells for approx-80$ at Read some reviews.
    For an amp Marshall and fender are good. My opinion would be to start out on mini amp or low watt amps. when u become a pro u can always change to ur choice and spend more. Some of the tiny gear I bought as a beginner are some of my fav still. Hope this helps.
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    ^It's a debatable point and i still vouch for the acoustic golisoda. It may be painful learning on an acoustic, but learning on an acoustic will give your finger strength, stamina and speed. If you're fast on an acoustic, you can blitz on an Electric. So, my suggestion would be to buy a good acoustic(cut-away preferably), thoroughly grasp the basics and then move on to an electric. It's your choice however, just my two cents.
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    I recommend investing some decent amount of money (I think $250 or so) into your guitar. Don't buy crap from Walmart or Radioshack. If you get a piece of **** guitar, you will hate it and hate yourself for ever trying to play guitar. Start with something good like a decent Stratocaster.
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    good gear is very important! ... the other things that you will need are
    .. preservance
    .. will
    .. determination
    .. passion!

    otherwise ... buy yourself a guitar, doesnt matter if you get it from walmart or radioshack or a recycling plant, electric or accoustic... you'll neva learn ...

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    well said shahrukh, my man

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    Acoustic guitar is the best .....
    Electric is easier than acoustic.....its is only Glamorous to attract the people...due to its sound n effects.

    but you shud learn the harder thing to become good guitarist,,,,so go for acoustic first
    then for Elec for perfessional level



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