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    afterburn is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2008

    choosing a guitar

    Hello there!

    i'm planning on picking up an electric guitar with a budget of about 20k. what guitar brands are suited for metal? if i had to choose b/w a jackson, bc rich or an ibanez, what would my best bet be?

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    dhirajsapkal is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2008
    I know for a fact that fender is better suited for metal rather than ibanez, but ibanez has a better tone..... 20k is a pretty modest budget... try looking up on greg bennett, ESP or yamaha..... now personally i'd prefer the preg bennett av6 which retails for around 19k.... its got a nice smooth neck and superior finish... it is fitted with HD duncan pickups god the tone is pretty good... its a les-paul type model so it'll be a little heavy but looks amazing.... but as i said its all a matter of personal choice... go to your nearest music shop and try them out....

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    guns n roses is offline Pro Guitarist
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    Jun 2004
    I own a Samick Malibu greg bennet special edition, its like a nicer version of a fender strat but it only lasts 3 - 5 years before some problems make it un playable but its a great beginner guitar and has an excellent neck and a very clean sound. Has 3 single pickups and in the U.S. it goes from 150 - 250 dollars but its a great beginner. Other than that a Ibanez or Fender will do!

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    aTalwar is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2007
    What specifically in metal you playing (doom,death,thrash,progressive, neoC?)as guitar can vary on that to suit your budget.

    Do you change tunings often, in that case go without a floyd rose one.

    ibanez has some fine wizard 2 necks etc but i think they would be outta your budget.

    you wont get a fender in 20k, a fender baisc mexican strat would be arnd 35-40k and similar for fat strat or other and fender single coils wont do much for your tone as single coils are bit noisy on high gain side unless you upgrade to decent ones and those alone would cost you more than your guitar.

    since you buget is 20k i would advise on getting semi decent guitar for around 15k that just feels right to you and sounds a bit good acoustically, (yeah i am talking electrics here but the unplugged sound of an elec gives a lot about it tonal respose from body and physics) and you cnan chip in come cash here or there and upgrade to decent pickups.
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