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    pruthuze is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2006

    Unhappy CAN'T sing while playing....:-(

    hi all.....

    Jus need to know how do i get rid off this prob.

    I cant sing while playing the guitar....

    I play roo-ba-roo but cant sing along...if i do i end up playing the chords wrong .....

    Is There N E Way.....???

    see ya

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    g0g0l's Avatar
    g0g0l is offline ! SpAm
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    Feb 2006
    CitY oF joY
    Oh! How may times newbies will ask this!!!
    It's very simple yaar, just keep practicing and playing guitar
    It happens to you bcoz ur subconcious mind thinks and tries to correct the rythm and u can not sing...
    Keep doing this.... One day will come, when you'll not have to think about the rythm (it's called conditional reflex).
    Also, try to play and sing with the original song, that helps... - Home for Gadget Reviews

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    god of guitar85's Avatar
    god of guitar85 is offline GUITARPLAYER
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    Nov 2005
    there r no two ways 4 it. just one word me if u do it in no time u'll b singing along while playing guitar. its damn easy!!!!!!

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    sayanakaharry's Avatar
    sayanakaharry is offline Forum Leader
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    Jul 2004
    there are many threads where this has already been discussed. take a look at those.
    the trick is to reach a level of proficiency in at least ONE of the two things you're simultaneously doing, so that it doesnt demand much attention. practice hard, you'll get there soon.

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    pruthuze is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2006
    ThankS a LoT all three of u guys.........

    ....nd i am really really sorry i asked the same question again....nxt time ill search the whole site before askin n e thing...........

    ..but there are always generous pro's like you who'll us beginners even if we ask the same thing......right?

    thanks once again....

    see ya...



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