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    Buying advice - thin body / electro-acoustic

    Hello all,

    I am looking to pick up a thin bodied electro acoustic guitar. I sold my old acoustic to buy my electric (an Epi LP II) and now have enough saved up to invest in a second guitar.

    I have pretty much decided to go in for a thin body but wanted some advice on brands I should evaluate. Some more information about my musical tastes, etc:

    Mostly play the blues and early rock and roll (The Rolling Stones, Faces, etc). Prefer to play rhythm. Need a guitar than can be played as is or be plugged in (thus the electro acoustic). Budget of upto 15K, the closer to 10K, the better. Already have an amp.

    Am based in Mumbai.

    The products are not sorted well on Furtados and Bajaao and am not sure what exactly is out there. I plan to go try a few out in the shops over the coming and next weekend but needed advice on two questions for my constraints / preferences above:

    1. What brands / models should be on my shortlist?
    2. Which ones should be on my sh*tlist / should I avoid

    Any advice would be most helpful!

    Thanks all!
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