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    lol ..u caught me crazed for a sec
    whats the make ?

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    you got a fender strat ..congrats .tht guitar is a fantasy for many of us here

    so wat should u play ?....hmmm..anythin you like man..if u wanna play hindi tunes ,well go ahead and play it using tabs.

    the only thing i would recommend you to do is ..learn some basic theory . the basic notes , scales, some easy chords and some good exercises to pump up your fingers and learning how to read guitar tablature ..afta u have learnt basic theory ,move on to any song u like and just keep playin it on the guitar till u can get it could be a hindi tune , or a heavy riff or wateva

    the important thing is enjoy playin wateva you like on your guitar.. after that ,if u want ..u can learn more songs ..or u can dwell into more advanced theory and techniques..just get your foundation stong with the basics ..the rest(playin songs ) will come automatically ..(but perseverence does count)

    regarding the acoustic,its just another guitar like the one you have , only thing its a lot harder to play the notes not easy to play an acoustic afta being used to a fender strat ,but u can get used to it in like 3 months ..just remember .if u have a strong foundation in theory and the will to play your guitar , u can play any guitar in the world ...all it takes is perseverence and hardwork
    Life aint about the number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away !!!!

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