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    Question Boss ME 25! Newbie. Need Help!

    Got my first Electric Guitar 2 days back. New in Business. Don't really understand many things. So got some questions.

    First thing-you get 60 tones in total. 10 each for Clean, Lead, etc, but once you press the exit button you get tones displayed on the screen (1-60) which can be controlled with memory pedals. My question is, are these 2 tone sets same?

    Second- Now in the sound library, you have got buttons for clean, drive, etc but below these buttons it's written compfx, preamp, etc. Now what are these things (compfx, preamp) and how do I use them?

    Third- I find most of the effects similar and unclear! Dunno why! Maybe I'm not able to use the Processor to the fullest!

    Anyways I hope I've made myself clear! Please help....!

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    You are asking such basic questions, after you purchased a guitar effects processor!
    It seems like money grows on trees these days ...

    Go to youtube and search for boss ME25 review or features walk through. That should help you.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.



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