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    best site for guitar lessons

    hey , friendz .
    which site do u think provides the best guitar lessons .( other than igt)
    acc. to me its . i am planning to join it . it provides amazing lessons . do check out & give me suggestions.
    i had joined parikrama school. but didnt find that gud. it charged like 300rs for 45min .class(group of 2-3 people) so that pretty much sux
    other thing , anyone knows a gr8 guitar teacher or school in south delhi ( which is diff. and good) . delhi school of music teaches for classical music only ( i think . so thats not what i want) & ymca is too far from saket.

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    dont join anything for money.. and is all u need
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    PM me if u are interested

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    new delhi...india
    hey man....
    i go to south delhi school of music in malviya nagar......the teacher there is really good.....and itz near saket too......
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