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    Captainadi110 is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2012

    Question Beginner: Need advise on first guitar purchase Takamine or indian guitars


    My name is Adi. I am from kolhapur, Maharashtra i want to learn guitar. Since i am a newbie, I would like some advice regarding buying
    my first guitar.

    There are not many shops around my place but one of the shops called Hemant sports does have a dealership of Takamine guitars. I searched the web
    and found that those indeed good once and renowed once.

    But I am still not sure what to do go for indian once or buy Takamine and want to what all should i check when i am buying an guitar. Although i read the
    thread called complete guide to buy an guitar but still want to know what to check for in indian shops and one like from my place.

    Please advice ASAP.



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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Well Takamine is definitely better but make sure it's the original and not some cheap rip off. What's the price he's quoting for the Takamine and also which model?

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    Takla Makaan
    Takamine for a first guitar?? Damn! Wish I had that kinda budget... Just sayin'...
    All I wanted was a gun.... And they handed me a guitar instead....


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