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Thread: bass note??

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    bass note??

    Whats a bass note in a chord

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    Bass note refers to the note having teh least pitch.

    eg. a chord being played is E minor then the notes being played will be: E, B, G

    now u could play the chord in a way that E becomes the bass note, or u can play making B or G as the bass note - this is known as chord voicing.
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    Nice info man..

    Thanks !!
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    Em/G IS Em with a G as bass note

    can we use any other notes other than B andG as alternate bass for Em

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    hobs crk
    You can use pretty much any note you want to.....only if you want the chord to be Em, play it with an E,G or B bass note.

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    I think what he meant was that if you use any other note will it still be Em
    It will..but the tonality will be slightly different.
    For example if you use a C, the chord will be called Em/C.
    An example of this would be With or without You, where ones of the guitars is playing only a D chord with changing bass notes.

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    thanks for the help guys



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