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    Question the basics for playing bass are there bass chords or only tabs

    i have a few Q's regarding bass guitar.i want to know wat the basics are for playing bass. are there bass chords or only tabs? if there are chords for bass, can any one tell me a web site frm where i can find bass chords written{example:-G(320003)}.and can i practice on the E,A,D strings on a acoustic rythm guitar before buying an electric bass guitar or is it totally different?
    plz reply

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    Chords on bass are not common at all. If u know how to play a guitar, it is very easy to pick up bass. Bass is normally just the base notes of the chords played by the rythm guitar, though people like Flea(RHCP) reinvented bass, by using it as a lead instrument. Bass is normally just singular notes. But there are certain songs where two to three string power chords are played on bass. An example for this would be Sober by Tool. Check out this tab, it should help.
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    bass is all about giving the groove..btw there are chords ...and i know some kick ass bassists who play them ...not all the time but u should play them more for a good effect or where u feel it will sound good.

    most bassists just play the bass notes of the chords and follow around the guitar..
    but theres more to bass than that..u can form counter melodies ...and weave a web of bass lines that will help bring out the song much better.
    i would suggest u learn from a good jazz bassist .
    then probably go on to something else if u want to .

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    oh and yes ...u can practice on the E A D G..strings of an acoustic guitar..till u think u have enough finger strength to pick up a bass.
    bass is a diff ball game.
    u have to adjust to a larger scale frets will be bigger..and u will have to stretch ur fingers a lot..and of course the strings are of a much thicker gauge.

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    bass is not an easy instrument to play. The bass provides the rhythm to the song and is the instrument that links up the treble based instruments to the percussive beat line. Take bass out of a song and you have got a very poor sounding song.

    Most bands play the single notes but advanced bass is to be mastered and NOT easy. With the bass you can slap more and do all the tricks on the guitar so it is a very versatile instrument.



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