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    Question Barre chords vs normal chords

    hiya i'm new to guitar and was wondering wether it's better to learn barre chords or chords in the normal way. which would be more benifical i the long term.
    thanks for any advice.

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    All depends on your grip on the guitar.

    If you can get your hand to provide enough grip and power to hold a barre chord then always go for that.

    However if you can't then go with chords, there are still many different grip styles you can utilise to play the same chord without the barre hand shape.
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    Cool Barre chords v/s Open chords

    hey see there is nothing lyk which one is better among both of 'em....

    Barring the strings enables the guitarist to play a chord not restricted by the tones of the guitar's open strings. Barre chords are often referred to as "moveable" chords, as they can be moved up and down the neck as needed. They are commonly used in most popular and classical music and are frequently used in combination with "open" or standard guitar chords.

    there are some places lyk plucking where u prefer open chords...
    But i'll say dat u should practice both alternatively....

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    barre chords will help you in the long term if you're playing rock......but the reason why people dont learn barre chords first is because you can't.......first learn the open chords.......that'll br simpler......then you can move on........
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