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Thread: Barre Chords

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    Barre Chords

    Hi all,
    is there any excercise to practise Barre chords, and how can it be played with perfection and to acurate precision...Pls help me in this regards

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    use ur index finger as the capo on any fret of the guitar...and then try to play octaves with rest 3 fingers...

    like, see its barre Dm chord:

    e ----5----
    B ----6----
    G ----7----
    D ----7----
    A ----5----
    E ----5----

    its octave is :

    e ------------------------------
    B ----------------------5--6----
    G ----------------5--7----------
    D -------5--7--8----------------
    A ----8-------------------------
    E ------------------------------

    here, keep ur index finger (1) on all the strings on the 5th fret (like a capo)
    6th, 7th & 8th fret notes are to be played by middle, ring & pinky finger.. not move ur 1st finger...keep it enough tight so that strings can ring..however, it will take some practice & patience..

    u can play octaves n reverse octaves of any barre chord after this exercise (beginners face some trouble, i did too)

    Hope it helped
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