Hello all,

I want to start playing an acoustic and plan to buy a guitar in the 6-8k range. I read up the forums here on how to buy a guitar. I shortlisted the following guitars after a visit to the local guitar shop and trying out few guitars-

1. Hohner HW-220 : The shop owner highly recommended this guitar, said it was on sale for 8k (usually costs more-verified that over the internet). It sounded good to me, had a bright tone to it. Now I havnt heard of Hohner before and didnt find any reviews over the internet either. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Hohner guitars.
2. Fender FA-100: Sounded good too, good company name, cost 7.5k.
3. Yamaha F-310: Sounded good, a little on the mellow side, again good brand name, cost 7.5k, only guitar that comes with a solid top out of the three I shortlisted.

I am leaning towards the Hohner or Yamaha, but would like to know if anyone has any experience with Hohner. Any inputs or other suggestions are also welcome.