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    alphe is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2010

    Cool Any one using a Samick Classic guitar?

    Hi I'm Trying to get my hands on a samick Guitar from Furtados Mumbai. I have been to their store once but at that time I wasn't really looking for classical guitars....Now i've came across their website and they have Samick LC-015G with them for about 6150 Rs. see link,

    Samick classical guitar lc015 natural, Buy & Review Samick products online at

    It is Nato top, sides and Back. and i heard some people say some good things about Samick guitars in the past. Has any one owned/ used a Samick Classic guitar before????

    Though Furtados is a nice company..I have some mixed feeling about getting a guitar online..I'm not going to Mumbai any time soon.. I'm from Kerala..And no music store has Samick Classical guitars here...

    My other options are Yamaha C40, Some Granadas (PRC 10, PRC 40, PRC 70) and Pluto HC 39 -201(one of my friend has this one , good for 3400 rs ;-) ) I saw a Hobner 3/4 classical for 5100 rs also ... any input on these especially Samick will be appreciated...

    ~Anand ....

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    alphe is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2010
    Hi guys ..lots views and no reply..classical guitar lovers pleas give ur ideas....
    for me, samick is it of question now, and I got some reviews about yamaha c40 from other sites... is there any one using classical guitars from brands other than yamaha which falles around rs 5000 ? I'm leaning towards yamaha, but I want to get asmuch info as possible before making decision...cheers anand....



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