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    noel lee is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2013

    any eview on GB&A TAO 150 NS?

    hi, i am new to this forum. i would like to get reviews on this particular gb&a model "GB&A TAO 150 NS".
    the model looks awesome to me and i am planning to buy it online since i couldn't find it in stores nearby. but i have not got any reviews on this, even in the net.
    if anyone has any idea on this, would be grateful for your suggestions.
    thanks loads in advance.

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    Sep 2012
    Noel - I have tried a couple of GB&As when messing around in a music store but didn't play that model in particular. The guitars are pretty neat and not too bad for the price. Like all brands, they have their pluses and minuses so the old adage holds good - if you like the way it lies in your hands and like the way it plays, it's a good guitar.

    If you are in Mumbai, Bhargava's is the best place - Laminton Road townside, or in Goregaon West (near Inorbit Malad). They stock GB&A (so does Furtados) but Bhargava has better service and the chaps in the store at Goregaon are very helpful.

    Also the dudes from Bajaao will hook you up even if they dont carry the stock. Email them and then call their hotline, their customer care is quite helpful!




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