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    micraft is offline Beginner
    Join Date
    Jul 2004

    alternative chords

    i got a few doubts, how to find out chord alternatives.
    There are plenty of chords i cannot play, it is practically
    impossible, i have an acoustic guitar, Givson G150, i bought
    it just to learn how to play. For eg, Bb chord, my fingers
    won;t stretch far enough to play that chord. Does anyone else
    have this problem, i guess this problem can be avoided on a
    electric guitar, since the frets have very less distance between
    I use guitar pro 4.0 to check the chords out. Below the chord
    finder, there are other alternatives, but it seems i can;t play
    any of them.

    Another thing, i have seen my guitar being played in a lot of
    hindi songs, is this a good guitar, because it came pretty cheap.

    Does anyone else use this guitar? What is there opinion about it?

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    jusmail is offline Beginner
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    Feb 2005
    Yes, in teh beginning these chords are all difficult. But if you persist, you should be able to master them!

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    nadish's Avatar
    nadish is offline IGTIAN
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    Dec 2004
    Karachi, Pakistani
    How many chords are there????
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    JAZZ's Avatar
    JAZZ is offline IGT Addict
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    Dec 2004
    thats all Abt making first you cant evn play open chord ,....but after some time n prctice you start plyin without mistake.....

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    JAZZ's Avatar
    JAZZ is offline IGT Addict
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    Dec 2004
    there r 2600 chords in total
    but one hav to learn around 100 chords....

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    micraft is offline Beginner
    Join Date
    Jul 2004
    i guess u guys haven;t got my point, even i can only stretch my fingers to fit those chords only if i strectch my fretting fingers with my strumming hand. Well i was assuming that there would be alternative chords which were easier. Am i the only one who had these problems with there acoustic guitar, my hands can;t be that small.
    Anyways any ideas on how my guitar is? Is it a good guitar for getting from 'no idea' to 'amateur'.
    Anyway's hope to see more replies.



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