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    alpha and beta of scales

    I used to have a hard time memorizing scales/modes while practicing them
    on bass not until I found a brilliant etymological piece. It described about the
    origin of these scales and how they're named.
    First start with C-major scale-c, d, e, f, g a, b, c. This progression is known as
    Ionian mode (natural major scale). If you transform the same hand position to
    other keys and play, you'll get a major scale for that key.
    Now, if you start from d-d, e, f, g, a, b, c, d, you'll be playing a D-Dorian scale.
    Similarly, play the progression e, f, g, a, b, c, d, e on your instrument and youíll
    Be playing an e-Phrygian scale.
    Similarly, for F,G, A, and B, we have Lydian, myxo-lydian, Aeolian(minor scale)
    And Locrian scales respectively

    While memorizing first play each of the given seven scales to their corresponding
    Notes and then switch the same hand position to other keys. Eg; if you like to
    Play C-minor(c-Aeolian) scale; first play the Aeolian (minor) scale with it corresponding
    Note a as-A, b ,c, d ,e, f, G, A .The tablature will be:

    Now, transform the tab given above in the key-A to the key-C. Just switch the string to the
    Higher one and deduct 2 frets.


    viola! You just played C-minor scale!

    I hope Iíve posted some helpful materials. There may be some grammatical errors or technical too,
    Please inform me if Iíve mistaken somewhere.

    Have A nice DAy :D

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    thats great i love that work man keep it up dude

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    these r nice tips



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