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Thread: Aadat query

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    Aadat query

    I wasnt sure where to post this and I'm sure theres 1000 other threads regarding this song, so apologies to the modds.

    I've been trying to learn Aadat for a while and have tried to learn via the standard chords C#m, B and A but I struggle to play the barre chords. Browsing YouTube I've seen Atif play the song in a different way

    Thats a link to one of his performances. I'm not sure what chords hes using or whether their easier. I've also seen some people playing the song with what looks like a Dm for the opening riff? I'm not to sure what the other chords are.

    Basically, what I'd like to know is what the easiest version of this song is. I understand the most accurate version is obviously with the C#m, B and A but untill I learn how to barr chords effectively, I'm going to struggle and consequently ruin the song! hehe

    Thanks for your help people

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    That's how you'll build character.



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