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Thread: Why Admin ?

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    Why Admin ?

    I dunno wat to say, but i posted new threads of a 2nd hand instruments forum [CHOR Bazaar] on your forum trying to get people there, but i dunno why its deleted both the times, i dunno wats wrong in advertising on IGT, i'm not having any self motive, i'm just tryin to get people there to get their stuff, its just that i want certain people to come in to a place to fulfil their wants. I did it in RSJ & emusicpost but they didnt have a problem. And by putting a thread bout a gear forum will NOT pull users from yours to mine(even considerning mine is a non registering forum).


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    I think i may be banned after this but i really dont understand & i need an answer from the Admin.
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    You are not allowed to advertise personal forums/websites on IGT...
    Henceforth...ur threads have been deleted...

    Please use google/yahoo search engines to gain traffic to your site..and not our forums!

    We have a Guitar Gear Forum here..where ppl exchange/sell/buy stuff...

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