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    "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?"

    Okay, couple o questions.

    1. What is this 'new administration'?
    2. Any company name?
    3. Who is hosting, where is the server located?
    4. Name each of the admins and mods, first the username and then the real names.
    5. Tell us about yourselves. What do you do for a living? Do you play music too? What instrument? and so on.
    6. What happened to lord_neo and the rest? (You guys NEVER told us that, no mention anywhere o.O)
    7. What are your plans for this board?
    8. Why aren't you guys ever online? Have you considered hiring people for moderating? Or appointing active forumsmen (townsmen?)/forumspeople (townspeople? lol) for the job?
    9. Do you guys moderate elsewhere too?
    10. Why was all this kept a secret so far?

    Please answer as exhaustively and extensively as possible. We want INFORMATION, we demand the TRUTH.

    Okay, dunno about 'we' as much as 'I', I don't know about others but I'm always nervous about this whole shadowy persona you guys keep. Plus, it gives a feeling of lack of direction to the board, and despair about its future to the members. It's like living in the Matrix.

    Thank you.
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    dude sorry about that. We do not speak much about ourselves we are very shy creatures



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