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    Thumbs up On what basis threads r closed..

    Dear Mods,

    I wud like to know what is the criteria.. on which u close a thread.. why my thread "How wud u like to die was closed " ?? i was told to create something useful.. can u suggest me some useful topics in CC lounge.. how we can use them.. now i can list 10 such threads which r still running and i guess r very very very useful for u..

    1> Back due to popular demand......Ask me anything!!!!

    2> How often do you....

    3>Navjot Singh Sidhu's laughter

    4>The Very First Now Playing Thread...

    5> Poll: Ur choicest weapon!!!hahahaha!!!

    6>Long Hair?

    7>Kal ho na ho


    9>Deaf or blind

    10>Girl bites boy who refuses to be seduced - ROFLOL!

    if these threads r not closed and my thread is closed.. may i know the reason..

    i expect transparency and honesty from my mods...


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    I never knew.. our Mods r.. deaf.. blind and dumb.. when it comes to feedback forum.. IGT sucks !!!!!

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    calm down bro.......
    "It is significant that whenever the public mind is to be diverted from great social wrong, a crusade is inaugurated against indecency." - Emma Goldman

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    Thank you.

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    1,249 create idiotic , senseless threads and then you expect them not to be closed.........where do you think you la la land?
    if threads as pointless as yours are gonna be created then they DESERVE to be closed....
    as to on what basis the threads are closed...then that was already clarified in a previous is the sole descrition of the administrators and the moderators
    one more thing, if u think IGT sucks...leave body is forcing you to stay it is u havent contributed much apart from the crap in the CC lounge....

    * Thread Closed *
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    Quote Originally Posted by vishwa_81us
    if these threads r not closed and my thread is closed.. may i know the reason..vishwa
    Let me answer that. This is not the first time you've been told to find better topics for discussion, right?? But, clearly, you havent bothered to do anything different. You have a record of useless threads to your credit, so no more of this crap will be tolerated from you. You had your chance, you blew it. If you think IGT sucks, then you may jolly well leave. Most of the other threads you mentioned are by people who havent yet recieved a warning as such, unlike you. So they stay. I hope made myself clear. Thank you.
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