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Thread: vB chat

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    vB chat

    am i the only one for whom the vB chat is not working or it is with everybody else????????????????

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    I think it's under construction. What do U say Zoom?
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    lord_neo Guest
    Its currently closed and will be open once a month. We will announce the date soon.

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    "Sorry, but the vBChat System has been turned offline, contact the administrator for more information"
    Above lines are self explanatory.. as far as i think...

    The vbChat is OFFLINE!
    Whenever it comes ONLINE.... rest assured the whole IGT wud be knowing it!
    Till then... keep waiting, rather searching!

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    Why open it once a month?
    If it was open everyday, we can avoid a lot of nonsense that goes on in the chit chat forum.
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    lord_neo Guest
    We cannot moderate it around the clock so it was decided to be opened once a month.

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    i guess if you guys are not going to archive chat text, you dont need to moderate it .... it will disappear anyhow ...... and if it has "block" feature then even better ....
    sensible igtians can block and sensor such things... but whatever ... its my personal opinion ..... but yeah i agree with ananth, @ chit chat launge and spamming threads ....
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    lord_neo Guest
    This is like going in a loop! Please check previous related threads we had much debate over it, there are many other reasons for keeping it open just once a month.

    Im closing this thread, if anyone still wants to comment on it further please pm me.



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