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    @vini: Dear...this prob has been addressed many times earlier too..
    Its the Kontera Ads System which causes problems sometimes...
    N we need ads to support our server we are crossing our alloted 40GB monthly traffic b/w limit regularly every month...
    Regarding activeness of mods... well i dont post around everywhere to be "noted as active"..
    I waited to reply on this thread as i wanted to see if any new problem is causing worry...or its same old prob...
    A small solution i may suggest is, try this browser: Crazy Browser

    @everyone: In todays fast growing web-world..without any standard specifications for Browsers...its getting increasingly difficult to address users based on the browser they use!
    I personally keep 3-4 browsers at bay...n have divided websites across each which happens to work perfect correspondingly...
    You cannot stick to one browser nowadays..

    xcttn Ld t Сntmnt

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    Wo poochte hai khwabo me kise dekhte ho.
    Hum hai ki ek umr se so-e hi nahi... "

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    im sure dear..thanx for replying!
    .. Rock got no reason
    Rock got no rhyme ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by vini
    is there anyone to answer here???? oh sorry..only neo is active these days, u must be under so much work pressure neo
    You should'nt have quit.
    "It is significant that whenever the public mind is to be diverted from great social wrong, a crusade is inaugurated against indecency." - Emma Goldman

    Not accepting any gifts.
    Thank you.


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