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    Suggestion:- Fight against Copy!!

    Few days back, I was surfing through the net and suddenly saw a forum which has "copy Protection" enabled. Let me explain what it is...

    If any user copies some text or data from that site or other sites and if he gets caught (eg the mods or admins see the post somewhere else or the users complain against it through report post), the mods or admins can add "THIS FILE HAS BEEN COPIED FROM OR ELSEWHERE" to the post and can leave a warning messege. That way, the user would not copy anything again and if he repeats it, he will get banned.

    I really liked the thought and would like to see it enabled on IGT too!! There are many talented musicians in IGT and on internet who post very informative articles and some of others copy paste it and get the credit. this is not fair and we should fight against it. I don't think "Right click Disabled" option is too good because one can always ctrl+C ctrl + v it. Infact this option creates very common problems like the inabilty to "save as" a link by right clicking, cut-paste own reply (while replying) etc....

    What do the admins think about it?? Can this feature be added?? - Home for Gadget Reviews

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    lord_neo Guest
    PM me the url of the forum where you saw this feature.



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