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    Suggestion about new registerations!

    i noticed that some Robots type users easily entered and auto post msgs **** advertisement bla bla bla ..

    i think a pass key of sum randum number to enter and verify the user is nop ROBOT is necessary in registeration forum.

    in this linked a user registered and posted sum **** ad on IGT ..
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    We already have that in place.

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    hobs crk
    Don't you think you should get a few mods in mods, I mean just people who can delete these threads and not interfering random dictators who think they should decide who says what in threads?

    I've seen that quick deletion of these threads seems to discourage such posters in other forums.
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    there is hardly any mod active.
    or do we even have one?
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    Nobody here interferes in anything until absolutely necessary at least that’s what i have seen.



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