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    Sandy is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2004

    Searching new songs

    Hi All,

    it seems that its little difficult to search for a particular song.
    I have tried to put the details like search by song name and have written the initials of the song name, but it always says no match or give me the list of name artists starting from alphabet ' A '.

    pls help me out

    [COLOR=Cyan][FONT=Comic Sans MS][FONT=Courier New]Bye and Thnx



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    lord_neo Guest
    Hi Sandy, have you tried using quotes "song name" ? We are working on updating the alphabetical listing it would take a while to complete it.

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    We are working on the tabs listing.. Should be out some time soon.. Please bear with us til then.. Till then have
    The Lord Giveth, And The Lord Taketh Away!!!



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